Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beautiful Copic Illustration

I just had to this beautiful Copic illustration of the "Salt of the Earth" Cute As A Button digi stamp done by a very talented lady.  She did an amazing job! [image removed for privacy reasons]

Additionally, I wanted to share a testimony with regard to this image.

I have been drawing and painting since the age of 4 and was accepted to the Pasadena Art School weekend program at age 11 because I was painting and drawing as an adult who had years of experience. I wanted to do so such great things for God through my paintings and was excited to use this talent for Him but God had other plans. He brought me my husband, I had 4 children and then God sent us to bible college where we both were ordained as pastors.  So the talent was put on the back burner.  For the past  26 years we have been in ministry and I have used my creative talent in this arena. In 2001, we returned to California and I went back to work to help support my family. In 2012, the Lord told me it was my last year of work.  I was so excited! I thought it was going to be the year we would go back into full time ministry, because there is nothing else I'd rather do, than to serve my Lord. 

Funny, how we try and figure out how God is going to do things. Well that year, I was laid off from work and I have been unemployed for 2 years. It has been a financial struggle and we have believed God for provision and He has been faithfully providing for us.  Yet, I still wondered how He was going to move in our lives to bring about the financial miracle to set us free from bondage and financial slavery. We are in the process of losing our home, so I went before The Lord to ask what He was upt to. I know, that if this is your will, you have something better and bigger planned for us, so I will trust in you because you are a faithful God. 

Around six to eight months ago, the Holy Spirit told me to design a faith based rubber stamp line with biblical scripture that will bring encouragement to others.  My first thought was, Lord I know how to draw cartoon like characters but I am not the greatest at it because I am a realist artist.  I paint and draw real people, landscapes but you have always been my teacher and guide so I will obey. I wanted something different, original. So I started putting some concepts together and drew a character that I used to draw as a child but added a button eye and a stitched heart.  So I told the Holy Spirit, ok, I have a character but what does the heart and button represent? How can I relate it to what you want to say? Immediately, He said, the stitched heart will represent the great love I have for My children, and the button will represent that we are an unfinished work and He is still perfecting us and transforming us into His image. Wow! It blew me away! God has opened up another door for me. Not only share His love, but a way to share the Gospel.  An avenue for me to help my husband provide for our family of eight and support the ministry He has placed in our hearts for the young people of this nation. Thus, Cute As A Button was formed.  He is so awesome!! And is ALWAYS on time!!!
At this point, I had so many questions. How am I going to get the images out there, I know nothing about the crafting world except what I have done personally as an artist, a cake designer, an event coordinator and a pastor. It seemed overwhelming. But I know my God and know that He always provides, directs and brings divine connections into our lives. So I started with what I knew - opened up an Etsy shop. I have been opened for a couple of months now and have had only a few orders. 

Now what? Lord I need your help. This belongs to you so I ask for your direction and that you surround me with those who can come alongside me to guide me, pour into me knowledge and wisdom in the arena, to grow YOUR business. Bring the divine connections to get this off the ground. Honestly, I was getting discouraged. 

God answered and heard my cry! Within a couple of weeks, I was contacted by challenge blogs, rubber stamp companies and he has brought an amazing woman, into my life! I received an etsy conversation with encouraging words. Boy did I need that! My spirit was lifted! And I gave glory to my God. I have received some great advice on how to get started and she has given me such insightful information and advice. I am so excited on working together and the great things God is going to do. It is a DIVINE connection. 

If we would just stop and listen to His still small voice, miraculous things will happen! We just have to ask, God what and who do I need to be divinely connected to so that You can bring me into fulfilling the plan you have for my life? 

Let us allow the Holy Spirit, not only to speak to us, but that we immediately obey His leading. When we do, we will transform our cities and people's lives will be changed as we pour out our lives into them. 

God is divinely connecting His people to bring about change to our environments, to establish His Kingdom across all platforms of life! And is using the artistic community to share and spread His love through art and words!!

Women and people of God, be excited! Be encouraged!  God is doing a good thing. He is setting things in order to bring about HIS GLORY and to bring in the riches of the wicked and pour it into the bossom of His children so that we can build His Kingdom!  Praise God!! I am so excited!! Join me in this new adventure, this new venue.  God is rallying His people and knitting us together to take over and reach every area, every outlet for His glory!! The best is yet to come!! 

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