Monday, August 25, 2014

A little Rambling....

Here's to NEW ventures and making new online friends.  This is my blog and I will try and post something everyday.  I am not much of a talker or a blogger so it will be pretty difficult for me to remember to post something.  I was up til about 5:30 a.m. working on some new digis for the September 10th release; so I am a bit tired.  Although, 4:00am is has become my usual bedtime since I am up pretty late drawing, creating my new website and graphic designing my rubber stamp insert cards -- yipee!! I will hopefully be offering etched rubber stamps very soon on selected images for those who prefer to work with rubber stamps.

The images I drew last night came out so adorable!  There are a couple of cutsie ones and a couple of my regular type of drawings (ice bucket anyone?  hint hint) :). I am do itching tp release them now!  Sept. 10th is too far off, lol.

I am a versatile artist so I will be drawing a variety of images so that I can offer a wide range of digis for crafting community. Here are some fun facts about me. :)

At the moment I am offering a free digi for those of you who join our Facebook Group and blog. So stop on by and join the fun! Spread the word to your friends and crafting buddies.

I am 48.Engineer
I began drawing at the age of 4 and attended Pasadena Art school at 12.
I sold my artwork professionally at 12.
I was a victim of rape and physical abuse but thank God He has given me a heart to forgive quickly.
I became a born again believer at the age of 12 and have walked with Jesus ever since.
I was valedictorian of my high school and graduate with honors and high honors with a GPA of over 4.0.
I was accepted to 2 reputable colleges but decided not to attend because I wanted to be ana Medical Doctor, an Architect and a Designer.  Knowing I could do them all, I decided it would take too long so I opted to raise a family and aimed to become the best mom ever!!
I have been married for 27 years to the same man.
I had all my children before the age of 30.
I had all my children with no labor pain and in less than an hour - thanks to a lot of prayer and reminding the Lord of His promises.
I had natural child birth with all my children. Although, we almost lost our first born, Matthew.  He had the cord wrapped around his neck twice and his heart stopped several times.
I only weighed 129lbs at nine months pregnant and didn't show until I was almost 8 months. Best diet ever!!!! Wish I could do it again....
I attended an international Bible college and am an ordained minister.
My other job is a Pastor.
I love to listen to Christian music - actually that is all I ever listen to, keeps me focused on the Master.
I knew I would marry my husband because God told me He was the one He created for me.
My husband and I dated for only two months when he asked me to marry Him. I loved his big muscles and how he loves God! He is an awesome man of God and man, can he worship..
I have 7 sisters and 3 brothers and 24 neices and nephews.  I lost count on how many 2, 3, 4ths of everything else.  My father and two of my sisters are with Jesus now.
I lost my father and my closest sister to cancer as well as aunts and uncles.  So it hits home very deeply.
I greatly miss them and ask the Lord to tell them I love them - daily.
I come from a large loud family and I love it.
I have traveled around the world preaching the Gospel and love the island of Cuba and its beautiful people!
I love Christmas lights. All year long and would have them up all year if I could get away with it or if didn't think me crazy and weird.
I love old black and white movies.
I love Little House on the Prairie and the Little Rascals. 
I go all out in decorating for holidays and birthdays....I mean crazy!!!
I am a very good cook and an awesome baker. boy, can I bake!!  but don't enjoy it the cooking or baking but love the decorating - go figure! that's the artist in me.
I love to worship - all the time. There's nothing like being in the presence of God.
I am very emotional and tear up easy and menopause has made it worse.
I am really, really shy. and super awkward at small talk. But once I get to know you, watch out, I am great at big talk,  LOL.
I hate doing laundry but love to clean and have things immaculate, go figure.
I am a perfectionist but have learned to let it go, a little....
I am talented in many, many, many things and have a lot of interests.
I am athletic (or was) and love to play sports but hate to watch them. I especially love volleyball!
I love to play scrabble and played it all the time with my sister. Now that she is with the Lord, I play against the computer and win. Yeah baby!
I love to travel and fly but being on boats makes me nauseous. I have to wear those anti-nausea bracelets - they really work!
My middle name is Teresa.
My husband (Art) and I pray and worship together everyday.
We love to minister to others and have a heart for those who don't know Jesus or how much He loves them.
Art was created just for me!
We have Young adults bible studies every Friday and hang out with them during the week.  I just love them!
I was diagnosed with FMS (fibromyalgia in 2003 and it makes everything pretty difficult and the depression gets pretty bad) and have arthritis from head to toe and other debilitating illnesses but I am standing on the Word of God and believing that my miracle is on its way!
I realized that the older you get, your body changes, boy, does it ever!  Especially when you can't exercise, which I was a dedicated freak at.  I weigh the most I have ever weighted in my life.... ugh...
I have three Yorkies - best dogs ever - they don't shed!!! That's a big plus for a neat freak like me :)
I am a steak and potato kind of girl.
I love my family so much!
I am a fighter and don't let anyone discourage me or stop me.
I will hurt anyone if my children are hurt...
I am a coin collector.

Well, those are just a few facts about me. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate all my readers and love getting to know you!...Hope you’ll visit frequently!...Have a lovely Monday evening!

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